Why choose extraction? 2 colonies in the same wall. The home owner noticed these bees 5 weeks before they called When bees enter a structure they immediately begin building wax and honey. Bees are busy! They can build large amounts of comb and honey in a few days. The bees keep the wax and honey at a constant temperature of about 94F. If the bee population in a hive is reduced through pesticide or natural causes the bees will be unable to keep all of the wax at a constant temperature. Unattended wax may become warmer than 94F causing it to melt. Melting wax and honey may begin dripping through walls and onto floors causing damage to the surrounding area. Unattended wax may also become an attractant to pests and vermin like rats and cockroaches.   At G&M Honey we offer extraction services. This means we will come to your home and humanly remove your bees, their wax and honey. Removing your bees means cutting your drywall. We are not drywall contractors. We do not repair drywall. We do have people we recommend for drywall repair.