Swarm Removal What is a swarm? A swarm is a group of bees that have broken off from their colony. When they initially leave the colony, they will find a temporary resting place until they can locate a permanent residence. When bees swarm they may be flying all over in a dark cloud, and the noise they make is loud and awe inspiring. Why do bees swarm? Bees swarm for many reasons. The most common reasons are either the queen in the original colony is aging or the colony is too large for the current home. In any event the colony makes new queens, yes more than one. When the new queen emerges she will usually take over the colony and the old queen will swarm out. They may also swarm if their old home is no longer suitable.   . We give them this.... So they don’t do this in your home What to do? Call us or another beekeeper. We will come out as soon as possible and rescue the bees from their undesired stop over spot. When we remove the bees we remove them to our apiary and give them a new home in a new location. In a hive they will continue doing what bees do best, pollinating and making honey. After we capture the swarm they will receive a new home in a new hive. Here they have a safe place to build and grow. The hive is better suited to their needs than most places they would find in the wild. Having us capture the swarm also keeps the bees from making their new home in your home.