Hive hosting is easy and FREE. Hive hosting means that you have the opportunity to have a bee hive on your property and receive all of it's benefits with no work on your part. You provide a roof top or ground space and then just let the bees do their magic. You will see increased yield in flower blooms as well as a more plentiful garden. The fruit in your garden will likely be bigger and softer than before. We stop by periodically and tend the bees and when they extract the honey you receive one free jar with the option to purchase as much honey from your back yard as we can provide. Why should I host a hive? The world needs bees. Currently there is a huge shortage of bees in the U.S. You would be doing the earth a good turn by adding more bees to your area. Local honey has been said to reduce allergies. Many people swear that one tablespoon a day reduces or eliminates their allergy symptoms. Local honey is supposed to work like allergy shots, building up your immunity to plants. The honey must be local so that the plants the bees touch are the same ones you touch. The honey from CostCo is from Iowa and the local honey at the health food store in our area is from Pleasanton. I imagine our plants are little different than the ones in Iowa. Host a hive and have honey as local as you! What are we looking for? We are in need of locations that are wishing to host 5 or more hives. We currently have an extensive waiting list for those wishing to host 1-5 hives. Please email us if you have any questions. What is hive hosting? Hive Host