Frequently Asked Questions Why did the Bees choose MY house? Bees prefer dark cool places with a small entrance and plenty of rooms for expansion. Walls and ceilings of houses are a perfect fit for bees. A colony of bees only needs a hole the size of a pencil to enter a structure. Look at these  examples of minuscule holes  that turned into big problems.   Are bees endangered? You may have heard of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Simply stated CCD is when foraging bees leave the hive to collect pollen and never return. Eventually all the Bees from the colony disappear and the hive is left empty. As yet scientists have been unable to establish the cause of this devastating disorder.  For more information on CCD you can visit the PBS website where you can watch 50 minute video about CCD. “Zombi Bees” The parasitizing fly that has caused the recent uproar in the media is nothing new. This fly has been known to parasitizing wasps, bumble bees , and other insects. This behavior is being looked into by a few UCSF Graduate students. There is currently no strong connection with the fly and CCD.