2 years and 4 swarms before we were called in. Why choose Extraction? These bees were in the wall for 4 days. When the bees move in it is never a fun thing. But we can help. There are many things that you need to keep in mind before you decide on a course of action: From the time they move in they are making wax, honey, and more bees. If you choose to kill the bees they will leave behind everything that they have made. This can attract  ants, rats and sadly for you more bees. The unattended wax and honey can then melt and cause extreme damage to walls floors and anything around Most pest companies that are willing to kill them require a waiver of liability agents damage caused by the remaining wax and honey. What we do is open the wall and get out the wax, bees, and honey. The cost is only slightly more than what most pest companies are currently charging for only exterminating them. The benefits and peace of mind are far superior to that of only killing them.  Noticed 3 weeks prior I have bees... Now what?